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09 Dec, 2016 BISX Engages With Listed Issuers
05 Dec, 2016 Securities Commission Rules to Facilitate Small Business Funding
09 Nov, 2016 Americas Securities Regulators Meet in The Bahamas
02 Nov, 2016 BISX’s Ongoing Investor Education Programme
01 Sep, 2016 Enhancements to Bahamas Securities Legislation
20 Jun, 2016 New Funds Listings for BISX
13 Jun, 2016 Star Capital - First ICON Listed on BISX
18 May, 2016 BISX Executive Speaks at CGSR Conference in The Bahamas
03 May, 2016 IFIE Americas Working Group Meets in The Bahamas
23 Apr, 2016 Regional Capital Market Development and Regulation – CGSR Meets in Nassau
04 Apr, 2016 Guarany Partners Lists on BISX
07 Mar, 2016 Bahamas Central Securities Depository Launches Website
06 Jan, 2016 Bahamas Government Stock Listed and Traded Over BISX
24 Dec, 2015 Improving the Regulatory Framework for the Securities Industry
27 Nov, 2015 Cable Bahamas Series listed on BATS