The Bahamas Financial Review

A Focus on Family Offices

BFSB’s semi-annual publication the Bahamas Financial Services Review (BFSR) evolved in 2011 into an annual publication: GATEWAY – The Bahamas Financial Review. It maintained its primary objectives but aligned the look and feel with “The Bahamas Advantage” rebranding announced at that time. In ensuing years, GATEWAY has continued to highlight developments in the industry, while promoting products and services on offer. Wealth Management is our business, but we are more than this and the articles have spoken each year to the broader toolkit of service offerings, always with a focus on how the culture of innovation adds to the culture of excellence, long a trademark of the industry. GATEWAY is a serious “read”, and one that is a credible resource that will be read and utilised by members and international intermediaries alike. It remains a vehicle that profiles The Bahamas as a premier choice for financial services

In 2015, we again are making changes as we address the best mechanisms to reach our targeted audiences. With this edition and going forward, GATEWAY will be released bi-annually as a smaller publication, with focused themes, each showcasing the “Bahamas Advantage”. For this Winter 2015 edition, we have selected Wealth Management and the Family Office. We also are enhancing the online presence of GATEWAY, as this has been determined to be the preferred method of distribution.

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