Making Your Home In The Bahamas: A Convenient And Attractive Choice

The Bahamas offers something to suit every taste: rest and relaxation, family fun and entertainment, or adventure and exploration.

The Bahamas provides an excellent offshore business environment for advisors and their clients. Many of these people also have learned that this little slice of paradise a few miles off the U.S. mainland offers many incentives to set up a second home or to relocate permanently, and have chosen to “follow their money” to The Bahamas.

The public and private sectors have worked hand in hand to create the most advantageous conditions for wealthy individuals and their families to live and work in a tropical paradise where their assets are protected and their confidentiality is guaranteed.

Schools and Medical Facilities

The Bahamas has a number of excellent private schools in New Providence and Freeport, several of which have been internationally accredited by ECIS and NAIS, the two bodies that accredit the leading European and North American schools.

There are two major hospitals in New Providence and one in Grand Bahama, staffed by internationally-trained doctors capable of handling all major procedures. Medical facilities in the United States also are easily accessible from The Bahamas.

Access to The Bahamas

Direct flights are available to The Bahamas from most major U.S. cities, Canada, the UK, Europe and Panama; and the country has numerous ports of entry and marinas.

Commercial passengers, private jets and goods shipped from Freeport enjoy pre-clearance to the United States. U.S. pre-clearance for commercial passengers also exists from Nassau.

The Bahamas is an ideal jurisdiction for individuals, corporate entities, small business owners, corporate executives and professional and private investors to manage the transition of wealth from one generation to another.

Bahamian Culture

The Bahamas has a distinctive culture which has evolved over generations -- a melting pot of many native customs ranging from the indigenous "Indian" people who populated the Bahamas, including West African, English and other cultures that migrated to The Bahamas. Bahamian culture today has been shaped by their experiences, beliefs and lifestyles. The culture is often told in the colourful brush strokes of traditional art, in a unique rhythmic music, and in long held traditions as told in popular folklore in an enduring oral tradition.

Nothing is more indigenous and unique to Bahamian culture than Junkanoo. It is a music and dance form that originated in The Bahamas and is perhaps the closest link to its African heritage, remaining remarkably unchanged over the years. Junkanoo is the quintessential Bahamian celebration, a parade – or rush-out – characterized by colourful costumes, goatskin drums, cowbells, horns and a brass section.

There are definitely Bahamian art styles, distinctive, defined and unique. The vibrant colours and dramatic themes of Junkanoo form the basis of this artistic expression but the lifestyle, social struggles, strong religious influences and the breathtaking beauty of the natural surroundings have a clear presence in the brush strokes and dramatic expressions of Bahamian art. The work of several Bahamian artists has attracted international attention.

The Bahamas is committed to growth and to developing its natural resources and cultivated assets to create an environment that supports business and the enjoyment of life in equal measure. Individuals, companies and family offices all will find a warm welcome when they come to The Bahamas.